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Double world champion Miki Biasion has organised an international gathering dedicated to the history of the Lancia brand in his hometown of Bassano del Grappa.

The name Miki Biasion is indelibly associated with the Lancia marque, thanks to the winning driver’s momentous victories behind the wheel of the Delta Integrale.

Together they wrote some of the most beautiful chapters in the history of motorsport—Biasion won back-to-back world rally titles with the Delta—and both continue to inspire millions of fans all over the world.

To celebrate the legend of the Lancia brand, its models, victories and of course its drivers, a gathering reserved for Lancia cars produced up to 1994 is being held in Bassano del Grappa.

Between food and wine tastings and automobile contests focusing on elegance and sportiness, the event is enhanced by the support of FCA Heritage, which will be bringing along a road-going model of the Lancia Rally — designed and developed in conjunction with Abarth and also known by its project code "037". The choice of vehicle is no coincidence, because it was in the Rally Group B car that Miki Biasion made his competitive debut in a Lancia back in 1983. During that year, the Venetian driver won 11 out of 12 races in the European Championship and took home his first international title, besides winning the Italian championship title at the same time.

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Watch the video of the interview with Miki Biasion, who has had his Lancia Fulvia Safari certified by Officine Classiche.

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