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Three concept cars belonging to the FCA Heritage collection are going on display at MAUTO in Turin as part of an exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of Auto & Design magazine.

A benchmark for designers and industry experts, the prestigious Auto & Design magazine celebrates its first 40 years in print with a celebratory exhibition in a place that symbolises the story of motoring, the MAUTO - Italian National Automobile Museum in Turin.

The "Auto&Design - Il Progetto Raccontato" exhibition opens on 19 June and presents a journey through time, covering four decades. The exhibition comprises objects in use in the Eighties and twenty or so spectacular show-cars, on loan from the design centres of Automotive Constructors all over the world.

The models on display also include three concept cars that shaped the history of car design, belonging to the FCA Heritage collection: a 1991 Alfa Romeo Proteo, the car with a body that could be converted at will; a 1993 Fiat Scia, the prototype that preceded the Barchetta roadster; and the 1998 Lancia Dialogos, the dream car that paved the way for the Thesis.

The three cars, along with another 250 impressive models, are regularly exhibited in the new FCA Heritage HUB.