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FCA Heritage is delighted to be attending the 2019 edition of the Turin Auto Show, which this year is venturing outside of Valentino Park and into the city’s squares and streets.

Fans can experience and admire the cars on the move, along the main streets of the Piedmontese capital, in its most magnificent squares and amidst the trees of the city's largest green space, Valentino Park

After the resounding success of the 2018 edition, which attracted over 600,000 participants, the Turin Auto Show is determined to win over an even wider audience. The organisers of the event, which has been postponed by a couple of weeks to coincide with the school holidays, aim to make it easier for families from all over Italy to visit the numerous attractions. The 2019 edition also offers free admission and extended opening hours until midnight. 

FCA Heritage is participating in the Motor Show’s attractions with two iconic racing cars. At the exhibition in the courtyard of Valentino Castle, the department is displaying an Abarth 750 Record, the car that set numerous world records at Monza in 1956. Meanwhile, the opening of the Grand Prix parade on Sunday is entrusted to a Lancia D25, the car that, despite showing excellent early promise, never got to prove its potential on the track due to the tragic death of Alberto Ascari, which prompted Lancia to withdraw from sports car competitions.

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