Storie Alfa Romeo

11 themed accounts celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary

April 20, 2020

The Milan-based car manufacturer is sharing its past with all fans through an exclusive web series divided into 11 chapters.

Events that have changed the course of history, new revelations, moments that have influenced Italian culture and society and, of course, the most famous and iconic Alfa Romeo personalities and models, from 24 June 1910 to the present day.

To mark the Milanese automaker’s 110th anniversary, a web series dedicated to all car enthusiasts entitled Storie Alfa Romeo has been created. This unconventional narrative retraces the highlights of Alfa Romeo's history with fun trivia, news and facts relating to the brand’s development, telling the story through previously unpublished archive photos and images of the cars housed in the Alfa Romeo History Museum in Arese.

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