The Heritage Hub is born

An innovative space that contains and preserves
FCA’s historical Turin heritage

2 april 2019

The FCA Heritage Department has inaugurated its new home. Set inside the Mirafiori industrial district, a special place has been created, suspended between the past and the future. From today, it acts as a workplace, providing services and sales, but also as a thrilling display and source of information.

The areas of Officina 81, once a manufacturing workshop, now house a new fluid and creative space where FCA Heritage can completely fulfill its mission, i.e. the preservation, promotion and celebration of the historical inheritance of FCA’s great Italian brands.

The Heritage Hub is set evocatively in a building where visitors can still breathe the industrial history of car making. The original building has been subjected to a careful conservative restoration which respects its industrial nature: the historic mustard and green colours, the cement flooring and the latticework effect of countless metal pillars.

FCA Heritage’s new home is a showcase for all the Heritage Department’s services and products, including the ambitious project named "Reloaded by creators". But above all, its over 15,000 m2 of floorspace contain a stunning exhibition of period cars created by Fiat, Lancia and Abarth: 250 treasures from the collection of FCA Heritage... some of them never previously displayed.

Sixty-four selected vehicles - apparently very different in kind, period and brand - are shown in the central area of the building. These are shown in eight different theme groups, each illustrating well over a century of the evolution and history of the motorcar. 

The public can also enjoy watching the mid-air “suspended exhibition”: a series of photographic and text-bearing panels which - eighty years after the opening of Mirafiori - tell its epic story.

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