The countless faces of Alfa Romeo passion

Tom Wlaschiha, The Game of Thrones actor, drives an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider at the 2019 Ennstal Classic.

25 July 2019

Who‘s driving the Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider at the 27th edition of the Ennstal-Classic? No one. That’s what Jaqen H'ghar would answer, as one of the "faceless men" played by Tom Wlaschiha in the American TV series "The Game of Thrones". The German actor is a big fan of Alfa Romeo, and is participating in the Austrian race with a special"discovery".

Tom Wlaschiha. Born 1973. Actor. Distinctive traits: an authentic passion for Alfa Romeo.

Having played important roles in some of the most popular and appreciated international productions of recent times - including The Game of Thrones, Das Boot and Crossing Lines - when not on the set, Tom Wlaschiha devotes himself to his greatest passions, among which is his love affair with Alfa Romeo cars. To grasp the depth of his adoration for the Alfa Romeo brand, you only have to read an excerpt from an interview he gave to the Arese Historical Museum: "If I can’t drive an Alfa, I'd rather walk."

 "I love classic cars, their shapes, their design," says Wlaschiha, adding: "I find that Alfa Romeos have something special, in their minimalism, in their spellbinding classic design and in their brilliant functionalities."

It all began with a GTV that Tom Wlaschiha had the pleasure of driving for 15 years. "I fell head-over-heels in love with its design the moment it was put on the market in the mid-1990s.  I drove all over Europe sitting at the wheel of that GTV." He describes the car as if it was there in front of him, entranced by its Pininfarina design, its front headlights divided into four sections and the interior with its essential and elegant dashboard.

From 25 to 28 July Tom is in Gröbming, in Styria, for the 27th edition of the Ennstal-Classic. At this major Austrian event, for the more than 900 km of its course, he has the opportunity to drive another great Alfa icon: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, one of the most beautiful convertibles of the early 1960s. Another creation from Pininfarina, just like his first four-wheeled passion.

But Tom won’t only be driving vintage cars: on the Austrian roads he also has the opportunity to try one of the outstanding cars of the current Alfa range in its most sporty and thrilling set-up: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

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