“Certified vehicle, guaranteed record price”

by Antonio Brunet

Classic Abarth Certification of Authenticity helps to reconstruct the history of each car and thereby establish its true value.

Passion + certification = record price. This could be the magic formula for any collector of historic cars. I’m living proof of that, because my life has been dominated by a legendary car driven by a legendary driver.

I've been a massive fan of classic cars ever since high school and I’ve been fortunate enough to turn my hobby into a business, by becoming the owner of an auction house for vintage cars.

Some time ago, while on vacation in Buenos Aires, I met an old friend who introduced me to Sergio Lugo, a leading South American expert on the history of Abarth.

Sergio invited us to his house, where he kept two Cisitalia cars on display, including the legendary Cisitalia Abarth 204A 1100 cc. It wasn’t just any model, but the Abarth number 4 chassis, the one in which Tazio Nuvolari won the last race of his career on 10 April 1950, setting the speed record in the Palermo-Monte Pellegrino hillclimb.

After I succeeded in buying the car of my dreams, I felt that something was still missing, and I found that something in Italy.

Working in the industry, I attended the 2016 Milan Autoclassica show, where I discovered the FCA Heritage stand. I couldn’t believe it: there in front of me was a large timeline retracing the records set by Abarth, and standing out above the year 1950 was the name of my Cisitalia Abarth 204A. 

The stand showcased the FCA Heritage Classic Services and in particular the Certification of Authenticity, which is also available for classic Abarth cars. How could I not take advantage? I was the owner of a unique article, a model that marked an important chapter in the history of motoring. This was my chance to give added value to my Cisitalia Abarth and make it even more special.  

Certifying Nuvolari’s former car was a logical choice, one that gave it the value it deserves. Who better to issue a Certificate of Authenticity than the actual manufacturer of the car? 

It was a meticulous process that established the car’s originality, after all its mechanical parts had been studied in detail. It was important not just to get the certificate, but also to rediscover the history of that car, with its legendary past, together with the FCA Heritage experts. 

I no longer own the Cisitalia Abarth 204A, because it was sold at a Motostalgia auction on 11 March 2017. 

The final price was 1,001,000 dollars. One million and one thousand dollars. That's a real record price for a car like that, but without the Classic Abarth Certificate of Authenticity, it would never have been possible to prove its immense value.  

Antonio Brunet  

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