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of your Classic Lancia

Lancia: a story of class and innovation.
Elegance in motion since 1906

A team of experts with an eye for details are at your service to restore the class and charm of your Classic Lancia.

Officine Classiche Lancia promise a painstaking and detailed restoration by our team of expert technicians and mechanics. Trust in the experience and expertise acquired by the company’s workshops: revive your Classic Lancia’s original charm and performance by having it restored and repaired.

Only by regaining its rightful class and elegance can your Classic Lancia acquire the value it deserves.

In preparation for the 2017 Mille Miglia, the innovative Lancia Aprilia first series, which became part of the Lancia Collection in the early 1970s, was completely rebuilt in a painstaking conservation project that restored the precious classic car to its original condition.

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