The coordinates of our
journey through time

Rediscovering the myths of motoring, the history of our marques and the characters of the heritage world.

Heritage is the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles project dedicated to the models that have shaped the group’s history.

The department was created to protect and value the past of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth

We keep the history of our brands alive by taking care of the models in the group’s own collection and those of customers, through the involvement of our team of experts. We narrate their past and participate in major international events to honour the memory and successes that have made the four brands of the FCA group so unique.

Because passion transcends time and must be nurtured and spread.

We are culture, appreciation and adventure
We are design and technology
We are hands dirty with grease
We are bodyshells, spanners and laid paper
We are the track, the museum and the workshop
We are at ease on wet asphalt and in elegant exhibitions
We are in colour and in black and white
We are at home in Turin and in all homes,
around the world, where people breathe the same passion

Enter the Heritage world, to celebrate true legends of Italian motoring. 
Entrust your car to the experience of our technicians, certify its originality and become a genuine classic car owner.

Roberto Giolito - Head of FCA Heritage

Discover a world of exclusive opportunities and events dedicated to true enthusiasts of historic cars.

Exhibitions, gatherings, cultural events and competitions. Experience the world of classic cars first-hand.