Certification of the Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Insight from an FCA employee

Massimo De Micheli, the owner of a Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8V, has requested a Certificate of Authenticity for his car. Many enthusiasts, including Massimo, are driven by their love of classic cars.

How did your love of cars come about?
As a child, I always had a special interest in cars: my parents tell me that whenever I had the chance, I would stop and watch cars passing along the street, scrutinising them and asking for information about every detail. At the age of five, I learned to read by browsing through car magazines and I memorised practically all the models.  Since then it’s been an upward curve...

Is working in the automotive industry a dream come true? What does it mean for you?
My passion for cars has guided me throughout my education and professional career, from my degree in Automotive Engineering and my first job as a journalist for Quattroruote magazine, to my current position working in press relations for FCA. I consider myself very fortunate, because I have always had the opportunity to do what interests me most.

Getting back to cars, how did you become the owner of your Lancia?
I inherited a passion for Lancia cars from my family: my parents and grandparents were members of the Hi-Fi club, which brought together the most loyal customers of the brand. Many of the memories I have of home are linked in some way to Lancia cars. So I decided that I had to own one too: I wanted a car that represented me, and it wasn’t difficult to choose one.

How come you opted for a Delta?
In my opinion, the Delta HF Integrale is the car that best expresses the values that have made the Lancia brand famous: class, elegance and state-of-the-art technology. It’s a plain and understated car, but one that delivers top performance; in its heyday, only a handful of supercars could keep up with it. It’s no coincidence that the Delta won six world rally events.

Do you know any other Lancia enthusiasts or collectors? If so, do you organise outings together?
I share my passion with some friends and every now and then we meet up and spend some time together. Last year, for example, we organised a trip from Turin to Reims to visit the wine cellars where champagne is made: 1600 kilometres in one week, on board a 1935 Lancia Dilambda. That was an adventure I won’t forget in a hurry!

What do you think about the new FCA Heritage division and its services and activities?

I followed the creation of FCA Heritage very closely and with great excitement: creating a branch dedicated to historical heritage is a fantastic initiative. The brands of the FCA Group have written the history of motoring with revolutionary models and unforgettable sporting achievements, so it was only right and proper to promote this legendary past. In addition, thanks to the numerous services that it offers, FCA Heritage has become a solid reference point for owners and collectors of historic cars.

FCA Heritage supports your passion. That's why it offers you a range of Classic Car services.
If you want to certify the authenticity of your car, you can trust in technical experts who will give it the official stamp of approval. You will receive a Mechanical Components Certificate of Authenticity, a Certification Plaque and a photo album documenting the car’s history. If you are a vintage car owner, or are about to become one, you can request a Certificate of Origin from the historic archive and discover the history of your car.

Alternatively, if you want to have your vehicle restored, you can leave it in the expert hands of our professional team, who will return it to its former glory.
This is an unmissable opportunity for all enthusiasts.

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