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Fiat 131 Rally Abarth Gr.4: the champion returns

Restoration by FCA Heritage

Three world championships, two driver’s crowns and a string of international rally victories in the late 1970s: this glittering track record belongs to the legendary Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, the unbeatable model from the Scorpion brand that left rivals trailing in its dust for years. Thanks to the FCA Heritage team and the Officine Classiche workshops, the myth has been brought back to life.

For rally enthusiasts around the world, the Fiat 131 Rally Abarth is synonymous with three qualities that have made it unique: robustness, reliability and safety. 
Its victories in international events only served to bolster the reputation of the most successful Fiat Abarth model ever, earning it the nickname "the indestructible 131". 

Its history is an unusual one.
Created as a sport version of the 131 Mirafiori family saloon, it replaced the 124 Abarth Rally as the official car of the Fiat racing team. 
The car was developed by Fiat in conjunction with Abarth and coachbuilder Bertone, based on a farsighted interpretation of the rally philosophy: to demonstrate the reliability and potential of ordinary road-going cars in extreme situations.

The 131 Rally largely retains the look of the standard production two-door saloon, but with streamlined bodywork due to the extensive use of aluminum and synthetic resins. 
The engine is an inline four-cylinder with an increased displacement of 1995 cm3, double overhead camshaft layout and four valves per cylinder. Fed by two double-barrel carburettors, it delivers 215 HP at 7000 rpm with a maximum torque of 225 Nm at 5600 rpm.
The sports-type gearbox has five speeds with front clutches, while at the rear, the differential is anchored to the body by oscillating half-axles and MacPherson-type independent suspension. The car was the first series-produced saloon to run on low-profile Pirelli P7 tyres.
A perfect assembly: simple mechanics and easy to repair. This is the secret formula that led the model to three world titles.

Rain, snow, potholes or dirt: the 131 Abarth Rally always shrugged off everything thrown at it. Nothing managed to stop its triumphal charge to the finish line. Now, thanks to the expert hands of FCA Heritage’s team of mechanics, the car is back to delight fans and enthusiasts alike.

The 131 Abarth Rally Gr. 4 entrusted to the FCA Heritage team for restoration is a car that has written important chapters in motor racing history, driven in numerous competitions by Markku Alen, who won the World Rally Championship for Drivers in 1978.
The model is currently in an off-road configuration.

The FCA Heritage team focused on the mechanicals, leaving the bodywork and interior preserved in their original condition.
Reconditioning was carried out on the engine, suspension, differential gear unit, braking system and petrol supply line.

The 131 Abarth Rally has been and remains the emblem of Italian manufacturing ambition, a mixture of ingenious engineering and passion for motor racing.
Since it was restored, the car has been used in major international events, including the Festival of Speed at Goodwood in the UK and the Classic Days concours in Germany.

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