FCA Heritage in Monte Napoleone

For the 90th birthday of the Italian GP, the GP Tipo 159 Alfetta is displayed in the Larusmiani Boutique.

7 September 2019

In Milan’s most stylish street, in tandem with the Italian GP, FCA Heritage exhibits the iconic GP Tipo 159 Alfetta, winner of the F1 championship in 1951.

On Sunday 8 September, one of the most eagerly awaited motor racing events is held, for the joy of passionate enthusiasts not only from Italy but from all over the world: The Monza Formula 1 GP.

FCA Heritage celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Italian Grand Prix together with Alfa Romeo – the victorious brand in the first two editions of the Formula 1 world championship – by making a gift to the city of Milan. Inside the exclusive Larusmiani Boutique, the oldest clothing and tailoring brand on Via Monte Napoleone, the legendary Alfa Romeo GP Tipo 159 Alfetta – winner of the F1 championship in 1951 with Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel – is on display until 15 September.

The relationship between Alfa Romeo and Larusmiani mirrors the ability of both brands to embody Italian beauty in the world, both becoming icons of style, quality, elegance and craftsmanship in their respective fields. 

Inside the Larusmiani sales outlet in Milan, a photographic exhibition has been mounted, portraying the glories of motor racing at that time, and a selected collection of themed merchandising. In addition to the presence of the Alfetta in Via Monte Napoleone, Alfa Romeo activities coinciding with the Monza GP also involve the presence of the Alfa Romeo Motorhome in Milan, in Piazzale Cadorna from 6 to 8 September. At the Motorhome, connoisseurs can admire the Alfa Romeo Racing Team’s spectacular C38 showcar.

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