The birth of Via Carlo Abarth

Turin names a street after the founder of the brand that bears his name.

24 October 2019

70 years after the birth of the Scorpion Brand, Turin names a street after Carlo Abarth in the Mirafiori district.

Austrian by birth but Italian by deed, Carlo Abarth built his myth in one city in particular. And this was Turin.

It was here that he began his career at Cisitalia and here, on Via Trecate, that he opened the first premises of his business: Abarth & C. It was back in 1949. 70 years later, and marking the 40th anniversary of Carlo Abarth's death, Turin celebrates a story of sensational successes, unforgettable cars and mechanical insights that changed our whole approach to cars. Via Carlo Abarth is along the road between corso Orbassano and via Plava, where the Scorpion Brand's headquarters are now located.

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