Many happy returns, Fiat!

The Turin-based company has turned 120.

11 July 2019

The 120 years of history are treasured in the new Heritage Hub, recounted in the brand section of the FCA Heritage website and celebrated with the inauguration of new services dedicated to classic Fiat cars.

At the beginning of 1899, a group of seven businessmen and notables from Turin, one of whom was Giovanni Agnelli, decided to invest in a market still in its infancy, in an age when mobility was still dominated by horse-drawn carriages. The Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili – Torino was founded on July 11, 1899, in Turin. The name would soon be simplified to Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Torino), or Fiat for short.

It was the first chapter of 120 years of history. The history of Fiat is punctuated by events that anticipated their time and influenced social dynamics. It is one of exceptional and far-sighted people and of unforgettable cars that became genuine icons for more reasons than simply mobility. This exciting history is told in the new Brand section of our website.

The automotive heritage of these 120 years of Fiat is treasured in the brand-new Heritage Hub, the multi-functional space that houses the FCA Heritage car collection. The cover photo of this newsletter was taken in the Hub and portrays side-by-side the first model ever made, called the Fiat 3½ HP, the wooden hammer-forming model of the 600 Multipla and the new Fiat 500 120th Anniversary, the special edition that celebrates the company's landmark milestone.

From today, to celebrate the special anniversary, FCA Heritage is making Authenticity Certification and Restoration services available to Fiat classic car owners and collectors.

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