Welcome to the special section for the purchase of classic cars.
Become the proud owner of the classic car of your dreams, and be the one to write the next chapter in its history.

Reloaded by creators is the FCA Heritage project involving the sale of a small number of classic cars belonging to the Group's four brands: unique models, with certified authenticity, restored to their original beauty by the Constructor itself. Each car's timeless beauty lives again thanks to the care, know-how and passion of our team of experts at the Officine Classiche. From discovery, through painstaking scouting work, to restoration, and from promotion to return to the market: a "complete cycle" that adds cultural worth to a car's financial value. Because safeguarding a legacy means renewal, and not just conservation.

We preserve history, and you enable it to stay alive. With you.

Are you interested in one or more models on sale?

If your Country is not listed on the form, you can request information by writing to heritage@fcagroup.com