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26-29 October 2023
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Stellantis Heritage features at the salone Auto e Moto d’Epoca.
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17-19 November 2023
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The debut of Fiat Multipla 6x6 and tribute to Autodelta
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17th November 2023
Stellantis Heritage at Milano AutoClassica
The debut of Fiat Multipla 6x6 and tribute to Autodelta
2 October 2023
Heritage celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Fiat Punto
With over nine million units produced until across three generations, the Punto dominated segment B for 25 years, setting new standards in terms of design, safety, and comfort.
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Kollectium: historic Fiat 500 photos in your home

The FCA archive collection

October 16, 2017

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fiat 500, FCA Heritage has teamed up with Centro Storico Fiat to select a series of landmark images of this historic automobile.

The collection brings together compelling images of the 500 dating back to 1957, when the car was launched, and which until recently were stored in the Fiat historic archive. It includes sketches, advertising posters and photos of the first official presentation, as well as everyday scenes and moments immortalised over the years. The works celebrate the uniqueness of the Fiat 500, paying homage both to the car, which symbolises Italianness in the world, and to everyone who loves this iconic vehicle. 

Now these exclusive images can be admired in the intimacy of your own home or office thanks to the Kollectium project. The e-commerce website specialises in producing high-quality prints in customised formats and with the user's preferred materials and media. The wide selection includes photos printed in high resolution with a matte finish on Kodak paper, high-quality canvas prints on rigid 100% cotton art canvas and Dibond prints on 0.3 mm thick aluminium on both sides with protective film. The prints are made by artisan workshops. 

In addition to the special collection dedicated to the Fiat 500, Kollectium also offers unique documents from the Centro Storico Fiat, which show that Fiat is not just a company, but above all an expression of what makes Italy unique in the world.

For more information:
Fiat 500
Centro Storico Fiat

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